Star Li | UC Berkeley Sophomore in Stat & CS

Hi, Star Li is here!

I'm a Berkeley junior majoring in statistics and computer science.

About Me

My name is Star Li (李思达), a UC Berkeley junior double majoring in stat & cs. I'm a full-stack web developer and tutor in Berkeley Studnet Learning Center (see my list of projects on Github). My hobbies include running and soccer. My interest area in statistics is probability theory. On Fall 2019 semester, I will be taking CS 170 (theory), CS 188 (AI), Math 110 (Linear Algebra), and Stat 135 (Mathematical Stat). You can check out my full academic list and CV here.


Double majoring in statistics and computer science, my broad academic interest is in using computer to manipulate and interact with data, which includes data analysis, mining, and artificial intelligence. Over my freshman year at Berkeley, I've finished all the lower-div CS courses as well as an upper-div stat course in probability with a culmulative gpa of 3.97. You can see a full list of my courses follow this link.


As for Fall 2020, my research focus is on projects under the FHL Vive Center. My task involves a blend of computer vision, reinforcement learning, and vehicle control. Previously, I was working on the software infrastructure for another project about 3D reconstruction.

On the statistics side, I conducted research in dimensionality reduction algorithms in the Stat Department at Berkeley; I'm also planning to research into bayesian statistics for my graduation thesis.


You can see a list of my previous projects following this link. I'm still in the process of updating/beautifying this site so remember to check it out again in a moment.

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